Vlinder high-quality carbon standard

High-quality carbon credits are reductions of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the project which meets or exceeds international certification standards, fulfills criteria from guidelines and conforms with our additional set of impact criteria.
Carbon reduction certification standards
We ensure that each our project has been independently audited against leading, third-party certification standards such as:
Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions savings of any project are above and beyond what would have happened in the absence of the project, in other words, in the business-as-usual scenario.

At Vlinder we are committed to providing high-quality carbon for offsets and trading on our platform.

We take guidance of the Stockholm Environmental Institute and the Oxford Principles to ensure achieving a net-zero society by addressing these essential criteria for carbon offsets:
Not overestimated
By creating living and circular ecosystems, we ensure that the carbon generated by any project will stay in the system and benefit the local communities in perpetuity.
Utilizing blockchain technology and tokenizing each tonne of CO2, allow us to provide a complete and transparent history of each token's journey, solving one of the biggest challenges on the carbon market - double-counting.
We partner with Eco-Heroes, who have decades of experience working with local communities and enabling them to become environmental stewards. We select projects which put local people and their prosperity in the centre of ecosystem restoration, as this ensures good governance and long-term sustainability of the project.
In addition to leading certification standards and guidelines, our due diligence process goes further by defining additional set of qualifying criteria:
Community engagement
We regularly sync with our partners on the site and provide project news and progress updates. Every project we develop has a transparent governance structure and a healthy risk management culture, showing how the project may adapt if it doesn't meet its anticipated carbon volume in the future.
Regular updates and good governance
We apply sophisticated impact evaluations criteria to all our projects, and we carefully select those that address more than one of the Sustainable Development Goals. By hitting multiple targets, we ensure that we help to prevent climate change and empower local communities for generations to come.
Impact on achieving the SDGs
We use remote sensing to verify the historic change in forest cover and track forest regrowth in our project sites. We are currently developing AI (machine learning) methodology for remote sensing and progress tracking of mangrove forests growth and health state.
Remote tracking
By conducting thorough due-diligence, we choose only projects which deliver multiple and long-lasting benefits to local communities and nature.
Not associated with social or environmental harms
Essential criteria and guidelines
Sequestered carbon must be accurately estimated and accounted for. All forest restoration projects that we work with, always have contingency plan and provisions to supplement the planting in case of project underperforming.
Not claimed by another entity
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Vlinder's additional impact criteria
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